Laugh For Your Health
With more than 15 years of experience as a Recreation Therapist and Mental Health Practitioner, Trevor Smith started Laugh for No Reason, where he facilitates and apply proven, modern educational methods. There are plenty of ha-ha's and ho-ho's but nothing ho-hum about this life-changing experience. A highly interactive format holds participants' attention and increases retention. Lively discussion, expert instruction experiential exercises, and a comfortable pace help participants absorb information and knowledge for personal and professional growth.

Trevor is a Certified Laughter Leader (CLL) through the World Laughter Tour, an international clearinghouse for the global grassroots laughter movement with the mission of bringing events to every continent that promote health and peace through laughter. Trevor holds a Bachelor's in Education from Curry College and a Master's from Lesley University. He also received a Master's in Therapeutic Recreation from Springfield College in Springfield, Mass.

Trevor has designed several stress management professional training programs. He has conducted classroom training, workshops and seminars for personal and professional development. Trevor has developed community-based laughter programs for people with disabilities at the Mental Health Association in Springfield, Mass. and at ServiceNet, Inc. in Northampton, Mass. His audiences obtain many ideas on how to improve the quality of their lives. Trevor is a member of Business Networking International, Association for Applied Therapeutic Humor and Toastmasters International. He is available to facilitate a program for your group or organization.

Features of Therapeutic Laughter Programs
  1. True mirthful laughter in a supportive environment.
  2. Jokes and comedy are not used, only the joy of laughing.
  3. A unique combination of systematic techniques that enhances overall health and life balance in a socially responsible value system.
  4. A qualified Certified Laughter Leader, leads and motivates.
  5. Can be custom designed to meet the needs of your organization or business.
  6. A mind-body-spirit program of experiential laughter exercises, breathing and stretching that builds positive social connections.

Research shows that Laughter:
  • Strengthens the immune system
  • Improves breathing, arterial blood flow, digestion, sleep
  • Adjusts blood pressure and blood pressure
  • Burns calories
  • Reduces pain
  • Helps people get along better

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